SOP Full Form Name

SOP Full Form is Standard Operating Platform

SOP Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySOP Terms
Standard Operating PlatformComputer HardwareSOP
Spacelab Opportunity PayloadSpace ScienceSOP
Seeds Of PeaceNon-Profit OrganizationSOP
strategic operating pointGovernmentSOP
Science Operations PlanNASASOP
Sack Of PotatoesFunnySOP
Sales and Operations PlanningOtherSOP
Finnish Options Exchange, Ltd.Stock ExchangeSOP
Southern Pines (nc)Airport CodeSOP
Start Of PacketComputer NetworkingSOP
Small Outline PackageElectronicsSOP
Shelter Outreach PlusOrganizationSOP
Standard Operating ProceduresUS GovernmentSOP
Stock Option PlanJob TitleSOP
Same Old PoliticsUS GovernmentSOP
Systems Operation PlanElectronicsSOP
Standing Operating ProceduresBusinessSOP
Source Of PowerUS GovernmentSOP
Statement of PositionAccounts and FinanceSOP
simulation operations planGovernmentSOP
Sunday Official PartyMilitary and DefenceSOP
Soldiers On ParadeMilitary and DefenceSOP
Son Of PerditionFunnySOP
Sale Of PurchaseAccountingSOP
Service-oriented ProgrammingSoftwaresSOP
Special Order PartComputer HardwareSOP
Subsystem Operating ProcedureSpace ScienceSOP
Shared Open PostingInternet SlangSOP
SHIUPURIndian Railway StationSOP
service-object pairGovernmentSOP
Start Of ProductionBusinessSOP
Secondary Oxygen PackSpace ScienceSOP
Society of ProtozoologistsVeterinarySOP
Standard Of PracticeInternational BusinessSOP
Ship-of- Opportunity ProgramOcean ScienceSOP
Service Object PairMedicalSOP
Spin Orbit ParallelPhysics RelatedSOP
Senior Officer PresentMilitarySOP
State-operated ProgramEducationSOP
Standard Operating ProcedurePoliceSOP
School Of PharmacyUniversitySOP
Subsystem Operating ProgramSpace ScienceSOP
Standard Offensive ProcedureFunnySOP
Sum Of ProductsBusinessSOP
Sudden Operational PanicFunnySOP
Service of ProcessSoftwaresSOP
Statements of PositionAccountingSOP
Shared Object ParserComputingSOP
standing operating procedureGovernmentSOP
Stop and Order PizzaComputer AssemblySOP

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