SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form is Morse code distress signal

SOS Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySOS Terms
Morse code distress signalMobile TechnologySOS
Speech Option SelectionComputer and NetworkingSOS
Someone (watching) Over ShoulderInternet SlangSOS
Somali ShillingCountry CurrencySOS
Snmp (simple Network Management Protocol) Operating SystemNetworkingSOS
Structured Operational SemanticsSoftwaresSOS
Service Offering SolutionsSoftwaresSOS
Screen of ScreensSoftwaresSOS
Standard Operating SystemSoftwaresSOS
SOMESARIndian Railway StationSOS
Silicon On SapphireElectronicsSOS
Save, Organize, and ShareBankingSOS
Sibling Over ShoulderMessagingSOS
Simple Operating SystemMessagingSOS
Some One SpecialMessagingSOS
Spend Or SaveAccounts and FinanceSOS
Serial Output SpecialSpace ScienceSOS
Seek Optimum SkillsJob TitleSOS
Start Out SavingsAccounts and FinanceSOS
Spin Orbital SplittingPhysics RelatedSOS
Swim On SideSportsSOS
Save Our ShipMilitary and DefenceSOS
Service on SiteInformation TechnologySOS
System of SystemsMilitary and DefenceSOS
System-of-SystemInformation TechnologySOS
Service Over SelfMilitary and DefenceSOS
Source of SupplySpace ScienceSOS
International Distress SignalRadio ScienceSOS
Support Operating SystemInformation TechnologySOS
Send Out SignalRadio ScienceSOS
Software Operating SystemInformation TechnologySOS
Start-up Override SwitchComputer HardwareSOS
Stimulated Orientational ScatteringPhysics RelatedSOS
Share Operating SystemInformation TechnologySOS
Service of SupplyMilitary and DefenceSOS
Send Out SomeoneMilitary and DefenceSOS
Solid Oak SoftwareInformation TechnologySOS
Speed of SoundScience & MedicineSOS
Same Old SoxSportsSOS
Stock Optimizing SelectorStock ExchangeSOS
Spirt of The SharksSportsSOS
Special Operations SquadronMilitary and DefenceSOS
Spirit of SharingSportsSOS
Support Our StationMilitary and DefenceSOS
Scrum of ScrumsInformation TechnologySOS
Swap Operating ShellComputer Assembly LanguageSOS
Stabilized Optical SightSpace ScienceSOS
Science of SurvivalScience & MedicineSOS
Subscriber and Operator ServicesInformation TechnologySOS
Service Oriented SoftwareInformation TechnologySOS
Strength of ScheduleSportsSOS
Statement of SensitivityScience & MedicineSOS
Standing On StoneEarth ScienceSOS
Science of SpeedScience & MedicineSOS
Save Our SailorsMilitary and DefenceSOS
Structural Operational SemanticsMathsSOS
Solution Oriented ServicesInformation TechnologySOS
SocialstyrelsenScience & MedicineSOS
Second Order StatisticsScience & MedicineSOS
Son of SpyMilitary and DefenceSOS
Save Our SoulsMilitary and DefenceSOS
Service Optimization SolutionsInformation TechnologySOS
Support Our SoldiersMilitary and DefenceSOS
Shipments of SparesMilitary and DefenceSOS
Slightly Off SpecificationMilitary and DefenceSOS
Sophisticated Operating SystemInformation TechnologySOS
Sygate Online ServicesInformation TechnologySOS
Second Order SystemScience & MedicineSOS

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