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SPT Full Form / Abbreviation Category SPT Terms
Support file File Extension SPT
Shanghai Posts Telecommunications Business Firm SPT
Student Physical Therapist Job Title SPT
Small Press Traffic Other SPT
Steering Position Transducer Space Science SPT
Start Puppy Training Veterinary SPT
Society for Philosophy and Technology Technology SPT
Standard Penetration Test Earth Science SPT
symbolic program translator, Government SPT
special purpose tests Government SPT
Supporting Physics Teaching Physics Related SPT
symbolic program tape Government SPT
Super Powered Tracer Military SPT
Support Military SPT
system planning team Government SPT
Standard Pokemon Time Time Zone SPT
Staff Process and Technology Technology SPT
SOMPETA Indian Railway Station SPT
sectors per track Government SPT
Sony Pictures Television Other SPT
Spitbol language source code file File Extension SPT
Sql Pass Through Computing SPT
Set Process Title Computer Assembly SPT
St. Paul's Trust Organization SPT
Solomonic Peacocks Theatre Organization SPT
Sipitang, Sarawak, Malaysia Regional Airport Code SPT
Data support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack) File Extension SPT
Sipitang Airport Code SPT
Synergy Park Toastmasters Organization SPT
Shadow Page Table Computer Driver SPT
Split (one part of multi-part file) File Extension SPT
Shortest Processing Time Electronics SPT
South Pole Telescope Other SPT

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