SSR Full Form Name

SSR Full Form is synchronous stable relaying

SSR Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySSR Terms
synchronous stable relayingGovernmentSSR
system specification review,GovernmentSSR
Scoping Study ReportMilitary and DefenceSSR
Silent Sustained ReadingEducationSSR
Site Survey ReportMilitarySSR
system software reviewGovernmentSSR
site-specific recombinationBritish MedicineSSR
Soviet Socialist RepublicUS GovernmentSSR
Speed Star RacingSportsSSR
Super Swamper RadialTransportationSSR
radar picket submarineGovernmentSSR
Small Storage RackMilitary and DefenceSSR
Sara, VanuatuRegional Airport CodeSSR
Supply Support RequestMilitarySSR
Security Sector ReformMilitarySSR
Simple Site RotatorSoftwaresSSR
Super Silent ReadingEducationSSR
Stand up Speak out Reach oneOrganizationSSR
SaraAirport CodeSSR
Super Slow RacerTransportationSSR
Shop Support RequestSpace ScienceSSR
specification status reportGovernmentSSR
Society for the Study of ReproductionVeterinarySSR
Station Set RequirementSpace ScienceSSR
Self Selected ReadingEducationSSR
Student Support RoomEducationSSR
Society for Solidarity and ReconstructionOrganizationSSR
support system requirementGovernmentSSR
SSBH Capital INYSE SymbolSSR
Simple Sequence RepeatComputer AssemblySSR
Sustained Silent ReadingEducationSSR
Sara airportRegional Airport CodeSSR
System Requirements ReviewNASASSR
Super Sports RoadsterSportsSSR
SARERIIndian Railway StationSSR
Scary Sad RookiesSportsSSR
Software Specification ReviewNASASSR
SACEUR Strategic ReserveGovernmentSSR
Secondary Surveillance RadarTransportationSSR
Social Security RecipientUS GovernmentSSR
Special Support and Reconnaissance CompanyMilitary and DefenceSSR
System Summary ReportMilitarySSR
site suitability reportGovernmentSSR
Simulated Solar RadiationSpace ScienceSSR
Staff Support RoomSpace ScienceSSR
Sword Swing RatioMilitary and DefenceSSR
Sympathetic skin responsePhysiologySSR
system status reviewGovernmentSSR
Sharp Shooting RangersMilitary and DefenceSSR
Sanatorio San RafaelMedicalSSR
Solid State RelayElectronicsSSR
Sampler Sans ReprocheSoftwaresSSR
subsynchrous resonanceGovernmentSSR
Small Screen ReaderComputer SoftwareSSR

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