STAR Full Form Name

STAR Full Form is storage and retrieval system

STAR Full Form / AbbreviationCategorySTAR Terms
storage and retrieval systemGovernmentSTAR
Simulation in Training for Advanced ReadinessMilitarySTAR
Sports Training Academics and RecreationSportsSTAR
Students Taking Action And ResponsibilityUniversitySTAR
Safety Through Accountability And RecognitionBusinessSTAR
Situation, Task, Action, ResultsBusinessSTAR
Sport Touring Association RendezvousSportsSTAR
Shock Trauma Air RescueMedicalSTAR
Strides Arcolab LimitedNSE Company SymbolSTAR
self defining text archivalGovernmentSTAR
Study Of Tamoxifen And RaloxifeneLaboratorySTAR
Sensitive Target Approval and ReviewMilitary and DefenceSTAR
self-testing and repairingGovernmentSTAR
Standard Attribute ReferenceMilitary and DefenceSTAR
Success Through Academic ReadinessEducationSTAR
surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissanceGovernmentSTAR
Scheduled Theater Airlift RouteMilitary and DefenceSTAR
School Technology and ReadinessTechnologySTAR
Situation Task Action ResultMilitarySTAR
Student Telephone Assisted RegistrationUniversitySTAR
Surface-to-air RecoveryMilitary and DefenceSTAR
Standing Together Against RacismCommunitySTAR
Simultaneous Transmitted and ReflectedElectronicsSTAR
Supplemental Transport Ambulance ResourceMedicalSTAR
Standing for Truth About RadiationOrganizationSTAR
Lone Star Steakhouse and SaloonNASDAQ SymbolSTAR
Skills and Techniques for Advanced RidingSportsSTAR
Standard Threat Assessment ReportMilitary and DefenceSTAR
Scientific and Technical Aerospace ReportSpace ScienceSTAR
Stop The Abuse of RightOrganizationSTAR
Student Teacher Achievement RecognitionEducationSTAR
Solenoidal Tracker At RhicUniversitySTAR
Standard Accounting Reporting System, 12GovernmentSTAR
system threat analysis reportGovernmentSTAR
Science and Technology of Artificial RealityTechnologySTAR
A System of Technology To Achieve ResultsTechnologySTAR
Science To Achieve ResultsUniversitySTAR
School Tax Assessment ReliefIncome TaxSTAR
Statewide Training For Accurate ReferenceEducationSTAR
Standards for Technology In Automotive RetailTechnologySTAR
simultaneous transmission and receptionGovernmentSTAR
Software Technical Assistance RecognitionBusinessSTAR
Solenoidal Tracker At Rhic (relativistic Heavy Ion Collider)Physics RelatedSTAR
System Threat Assessment ReportMilitarySTAR
Scottish Technology And ResearchUniversitySTAR
State Testing And ReportingGovernmentSTAR
Standardized Test For Assessment Of ReadingEducationSTAR
strategic and tactical airborne recoveryGovernmentSTAR
Students Taught Awareness And ResistanceEducationSTAR
Standardized Testing And ReportingTechnologySTAR
Service Tradition Awards RecognitionMilitary and DefenceSTAR
Shuttle Turnaround Analysis ReportSpace ScienceSTAR
system for tactical access to combat radioGovernmentSTAR
Standard Terminal Arrival RouteTransportationSTAR
Special Travelers Account RecordAccounts and FinanceSTAR
Strategically Targeted Academic ResearchUniversitySTAR
Software Technology for Action and ReflectionSoftwaresSTAR
Students That Are ReadyEducationSTAR

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