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STF Full Form / Abbreviation Category STF Terms
Submission Through Fear Law STF
Scheduled Transfer Facility Transportation STF
Structural Fatigue Test Space Science STF
Storm The Front Military and Defence STF
special task force Government STF
Some Tests Failed Military STF
Sid The Fly Funny STF
Single Tuned Frequency Electronics STF
Summary Tape File Computing STF
Sleuth Testing Framework Computer Software STF
Spokane Team Fortress Sports STF
Sunny Tang Family Funny STF
Stepover Toehold Facelock Sports STF
Special Teaching Facility Education STF
safety test facility Government STF
Submission To Fear Religious STF
Software Test Facility Military STF
Spin Test Facility (see Dstf) Space Science STF
special theater forces Government STF
SIKTA Indian Railway Station STF
Stephen Island Airport Code STF
Stephen Island, Queensland, Australia Regional Airport Code STF
Slayers Task Force Sports STF
Sacramento Tree Foundation Organization STF
Super Twin Fan Military STF
Silence The Feedback Electronics STF
Specialist Task Force (ETSI) Computer and Networking STF
Space-Time-Frequency Physics STF
Symmetric Trace Free Mathematics STF
Shoes That Fit Organization STF
ShrinkToFit Compressed file archive File Extension STF
Spinning Toe Face Sports STF
Single Tuning Frequency Amateur Radio STF

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