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STR Full Form / Abbreviation Category STR Terms
Strides Therapeutic Riding Organization STR
Smoke Tree Ranch Business Firm STR
Questar Corporation NYSE Symbol STR
Studienrat German STR
Stuttgart airport Regional Airport Code STR
Suspend To Ram Computer Software STR
Short Term Relationship Internet Slang STR
Sahpa Test Result Softwares STR
Stra├če German STR
Sony Tough Receiver Electronics STR
Store Task Register Computer Assembly STR
Send Terminate Request Computer Networking STR
STRing Texting STR
Specialty Registrar (StR) British Medicine STR
Structure NASA STR
Software Test Report Military STR
Strength Military STR
Shoot The Russkie Military and Defence STR
Section Township Range Regional STR
soluble transferrin receptor British Medicine STR
synchronous transmitter receiver Government STR
Shawnee Terminal Railway Company Regional Railroad STR
Straight Physiology STR
Spot The Reference Media STR
Season Ticket Renewal Sports STR
Synchronous Transmitter Reciever Electronics STR
Save The River Organization STR
Section, Township, Range Local State STR
Stuttgart Airport Code STR
Surplus To Requirements Military STR
Software Testing Regimens Military and Defence STR
short tandem repeat British Medicine STR
Short Term Rentals Real Estate STR
Southern Tropical Region Regional STR
Sustained Transfer Rate Regional STR
store task register, 4 Government STR
Stand To Reason Law STR
System Test Review Space Science STR
Separation Transformation Reintegration Military and Defence STR
Structure List Object File (dbase Application Generator) File Type STR
Statistical Reports Softwares STR
seven transmembrane receptor British Medicine STR
Strain Physiology STR
Synchronous Transmitter/reciever Telecommunication STR
Strategic London Stock Exchange STR
Gate3 table structure file File Extension STR
Suspicious Transaction Report Banking STR
SATARA Indian Railway Station STR
Statistical Report Application Softwares STR
Short Tandem Repeats Human Genome STR
Software Trouble Report Military STR

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