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TAL Full Form / Abbreviation Category TAL Terms
Ralph M Calhoun airport Regional Airport Code TAL
Transaction Application Language Computing TAL
Tanana (ak) Airport Code TAL
Try Again Later Messaging TAL
Template Attribute Language Computing TAL
Transitional Administrative Law  Other TAL
Townsend Analytics, Ltd. Business Firm TAL
Turkish Association of Legislation Organization TAL
They All Lie Law TAL
TMJ Association, LTD. Non-Profit Organization TAL
TypeAlign Text illustration File Extension TAL
Tanana, Alaska USA Regional Airport Code TAL
Ten Alps London Stock Exchange TAL
Typed Assembly Language Computer Assembly TAL
The American Legion Military TAL
Transatlantic Abort Landing NASA TAL
This American Life Community TAL
Teleskop Astronomi Lyubitel Astronomy TAL
TAL International Group, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol TAL
task assignment list Government TAL
Transoceanic Abort Landing NASA TAL
Tendon achilles lengthening Physiology TAL
Tclass Application List Computing TAL
The Alberta Library Other TAL

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