TDS Full Form Name

TDS Full Form is Terra Del Sol

TDS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryTDS Terms
Terra Del SolEarth ScienceTDS
transaction driven systemGovernmentTDS
Training Depot StationMilitary and DefenceTDS
Technical Design SpecificationsSoftwaresTDS
True Dimensional SoundMediaTDS
Team Data ServerNetworkingTDS
The David SchoolOrganizationTDS
Technology Demonstration SatelliteSpace ScienceTDS
Triangulation Data StructureMathematicsTDS
Thermal Desorption SpectroscopyElectronicsTDS
The Dalton SchoolOrganizationTDS
tactical data stationGovernmentTDS
Tokyo Disney SeaBusiness FirmTDS
Total Dissolved SaltsOcean ScienceTDS
Tactical Data SystemMilitaryTDS
tape duplication systemGovernmentTDS
Telephone & Data Systems, Inc.AMEX SymbolTDS
Tabular Data StreamComputingTDS
The Drunk SnipersMilitaryTDS
Tradoc Documentation SystemMilitary and DefenceTDS
training development studyGovernmentTDS
total distribution systemGovernmentTDS
Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.Business FirmTDS
Test Data SystemSpace ScienceTDS
technical data systemGovernmentTDS
Technical Database Services, Inc.Business FirmTDS
tracking and data systemGovernmentTDS
Technical Data SheetBusiness ProductTDS
The Death SquadMilitaryTDS
Trojan Defense SuiteComputer SecurityTDS
Training Device SystemMilitary and DefenceTDS
Total Dissolved SolidsPhysiologyTDS
Traverse des Sioux Library SystemLibraryTDS
test data sheetGovernmentTDS
Tex Directory StructureComputingTDS
time-domain spectroscopyGovernmentTDS
Traverse des SiouxOtherTDS
Transient Discriminating SurgeElectronicsTDS
Tax Deduction at SourceAccountingTDS
Transient Discriminating SuppressorElectronicsTDS
Trojan Defense SystemsSoftwaresTDS
Turbo Debugger Symbol tableFile ExtensionTDS
time distribution system, 16GovernmentTDS
Tripod Data SystemsBusiness FirmTDS
Temperature Detection SystemMilitary and DefenceTDS
target designation systemGovernmentTDS
target designation sightGovernmentTDS
Total Debt ServiceAccountingTDS
The Daily ShowOtherTDS
Trash Data SegmentComputer Assembly LanguageTDS
translation and docking simulatorGovernmentTDS
Texas Defender ServiceOrganizationTDS
The Dark SoldiersScience FictionTDS
Thermal Desorption SpectrumChemistryTDS
Telephone and Data SystemsOtherTDS
technical documentation standardGovernmentTDS
Tax Deducted at SourceGovernmentTDS

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