TGIF Full Form Name

TGIF Full Form is Trinity Girls In Fellowship

TGIF Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryTGIF Terms
Trinity Girls In FellowshipReligiousTGIF
This Grandpa Is FantasticEducationTGIF
To Guys I'm FabulousFunnyTGIF
Tits Go In FrontFunnyTGIF
That Gopher Is FreakyFunnyTGIF
Thank God Its FunFunnyTGIF
This Goes In FrontClothesTGIF
Teens Growing In FaithReligiousTGIF
To Gather In FriendshipReligiousTGIF
This Game Is FutileSportsTGIF
The Greater Indianapolis Fourth of July Bowling TournamentSportsTGIF
Today God Is FirstReligiousTGIF
Thinking Good Ideas FridayBusinessTGIF
Thank God It's FontdayFunnyTGIF
Time Goes Increasingly FastFunnyTGIF
Thank God It's FebruaryFunnyTGIF
transportable ground intercept facilityGovernmentTGIF
Teen Girls In FaithReligiousTGIF
Thank Goodness It's FridayDay's AbbreviationTGIF
Thank God It's FinishedBusinessTGIF
That Ghandi Is FunnyFunnyTGIF
Thank Goodness It's FunnyFunnyTGIF
There Go I FearfullyTransportationTGIF
Thank Goodness It's FunFunnyTGIF
Thank God It's FridayInternet SlangTGIF
tactical ground intercept facilityGovernmentTGIF
Thank God It's FlippantFunnyTGIF
Toes Go In FirstSportsTGIF
Thank God I'm FemaleFunnyTGIF
Thank Goodness Its FestivalCommunityTGIF
This Group Is FreakyInternet SlangTGIF
The Graduate International FellowshipUniversityTGIF
Thank Goodness, Its Friday!Internet SlangTGIF
Transportable Ground Interface FacilityMilitaryTGIF
Time to Get Information FastMilitaryTGIF
The Gathering of International FriendsReligiousTGIF
Thank God I'm FilipinoFunnyTGIF
This Group Is FunEducationTGIF
Tortellini's Good, Italian FavoriteFunnyTGIF
Thank God I FreefallSportsTGIF

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