TIM Full Form Name

TIM Full Form is Tembagapura

TIM Full Form / Abbreviation Category TIM Terms
Tembagapura Airport Code TIM
Timothy Religious TIM
Technology Instructional Mentor Education TIM
Translated Image Model Softwares TIM
Toxic Industrial Material Military and Defence TIM
transmission interface module Government TIM
Transaction Integrator Metadata Database Management TIM
Training In Ministry Religious TIM
Training In Mission Military TIM
TIMMANACHERLA Indian Railway Station TIM
Technology Industry And Manufacturing Business TIM
Terribly Irritating Miscreant Funny TIM
Telecom Italia Mobile Business Firm TIM
Tri-iodo Methane Chemistry TIM
technical interface meeting Government TIM
Technical Interface Meetings Military TIM
target information module Government TIM
The Immortal Man Media TIM
Time Is Money Accounting TIM
Transparency International - Macedonia Organization TIM
Transient Intermodulation Distortion Electronics TIM
Thunder In Muncie Transportation TIM
time meter Government TIM
Transformation Of Installation Management Military TIM
Timid Irrelevant Mouse Funny TIM
Theater Information Management Military and Defence TIM
Target Industry Marketing Business TIM
Total Imaging Matrix Physics Related TIM
This Is Mine Internet Slang TIM
technical interchange meeting Government TIM
Tembagapura, Indonesia Regional Airport Code TIM
Transducer Interface Module Electronics TIM
Transparency International, Malaysia Organization TIM
technical information memo Government TIM
Transparent Insulation Material Electronics TIM
Thermal Interface Material Electronics TIM
Teens In Mission Religious TIM
Tactile Interactive Monitor Computing TIM
Tall Intelligent Man Funny TIM
Turned Into a Monkey Funny TIM
Total Information Management US Government TIM
Tourist Information Material US Government TIM
Transparent Insulation Materials Electronics TIM
Trofeo Italiano Motocicliste Sports TIM
Time Interval Monitor Space Science TIM
target identification markers Government TIM
Moses Kilangin airport Regional Airport Code TIM
Tosec Information Manager Computing TIM
Telecom Idea Management Telecom TIM

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