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What does UCR stand for

UCR Full Form / Abbreviation Category UCR Terms
User Change Request Softwares UCR
Unclassified County Road Transportation UCR
Usual And Customary Rates Transportation UCR
Uniform Crime Reporting Law UCR
Uniform, Customary, and Reasonable charges Medical UCR
Usual Customary And Reasonable Physiology UCR
Unconditioned reflex, response Physiology UCR
United Centaurian Republic Science Fiction UCR
Universal Console Redirect Computer Hardware UCR
Usual, Customary and Reasonable (charges) Healthcare UCR
Undercolor removal Computing UCR
unit cost report Government UCR
Usable Capital Receipts Accounting UCR
Uniform Crime Reports FBI File UCR
Urinary Creatinine Laboratory UCR
University of California at Riverside University UCR
Ucar International, Inc. NYSE Symbol UCR
Unused Credit Room Accounting UCR
Unsatisfactory Condition Report Military UCR
UNCHAHAR JN Indian Railway Station UCR
Un-classified Receipts Accounts and Finance UCR

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