UR Full Form Name

UR Full Form is Unit Record

UR Full Form / Abbreviation Category UR Terms
Unit Record Computing UR
Usage Rating Internet Slang UR
Unsatisfactory Report Space Science UR
User Requirement Military UR
Unreserved Internet Slang UR
UMDANAGAR Indian Railway Station UR
utilization rate, 4 Government UR
You Are .... SMS UR
Unity on the River Organization UR
Urdu Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode UR
Universal Reconciliation Religious UR
Upper Respiratory Physiology UR
Uruguay Round Food UR
Upon Registration University UR
Upper Right Physiology UR
unfunded requirement Government UR
Un Restricted Local State UR
Un Reliable Business Position UR
Unión Republicana Spanish UR
Universal Rocket Space Science UR
Uri Italian UR
Urine Physiology UR
Unemployment Rate US Government UR
Underground Railroad US Government UR
User Room Space Science UR
Utilization Rate Military and Defence UR
Your Texting UR
Unit Resolution Measurement Unit UR
Urban Reserve Community UR
Utilization Review Military UR
Unconditioned response Physiology UR
Ultimate Responsibility Military and Defence UR
Ultra Rare Hobby UR
Up Right Business Product UR
Your / You're Internet Slang UR
University Of Rochester University UR
United Response Organization UR
User Register Computer Assembly UR
user reliability Government UR

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