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VA Full Form / Abbreviation Category VA Terms
Visual Acuity Physiology VA
Voice Actor Business Position VA
Various Anime Funny VA
Virtual Airline US Government VA
Virtual Arcade Sports VA
visual aid, 10 Government VA
Voice Acting University VA
USN attack squadron Government VA
The Veteran's Administration US Government VA
Variable Argument Computer Assembly Language VA
Vertical Alignment Transportation VA
Virginia Government VA
Victim Advocate Military and Defence VA
Viterbi Algorithm Computer and Networking VA
Veterans Administration (now Dva) Military and Defence VA
Vegan Action Organization VA
virtual address, Government VA
Velocity At Apogee Space Science VA
Virgin America Inc. NASDAQ Symbol VA
Voltage Amps Physics Related VA
Veterans Administration Government VA
value analysis Government VA
vital area Government VA
Vulnerability Assessment Military VA
Volt Amp Physics Related VA
Vertebral Artery Physiology VA
Volt Amperes Unit of Measurement VA
Value Addition Banking VA
Various Artists Media VA
Vision-Aid Organization VA
Very Artistic Job Title VA
Visual Arts University VA
Voltage Ampere Physics Related VA
Virtual Assistant Computer Software VA
Vitamin Angels Organization VA
Victoria Archer Organization VA
Virtual Address Computer Assembly VA
volt-ampere Government VA
Vibration Analyzer Electronics VA
Department of Veterans Affairs US Government VA
Holy See (Vatican City State) Countries VA
Village at Alameda Medical VA
Valid Again Computer Assembly Language VA
Voice Activity Telecommunication VA
Value Added Business VA
Volt Ampere Electronics VA
Vindictive Amazons Funny VA
Volt Amps Physics Related VA
Veterans Affairs US Government VA
Varian Government Supplier VA
Vibro-acoustic Test Space Science VA
Volcanic Ash Meteorology VA
Vinyl Asbestos Plasctic VA
variance analysis Government VA
Verbal Abuse Law VA
Variable Arguments Computer Assembly Language VA
Vartinchu To Act Funny VA
Volunteer Alliance Organization VA
Volume Analyzer Chemistry VA
Vertical Asymptote Maths VA
Variable Annuity Stock Exchange VA
Vector Accumulate Computer Assembly Language VA

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