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What does VCM stand for

VCM Full Form / Abbreviation Category VCM Terms
Vernon Chandler Ministries Organization VCM
Valued Community Member Community VCM
Victory Campus Ministries Religious VCM
Voice Coil Motor Physics Related VCM
Volatile Condensable Material Space Science VCM
Vertical Current Meter Electronics VCM
Valley College Monarchs Educational Institute VCM
Valley Cycle and Marine Business Firm VCM
Video Compression Manager Computer Software VCM
Variable Contribution Margin Accounts and Finance VCM
Very Clever Moments Messaging VCM
Vermont City Marathon Sports VCM
Vulnerability and Compliance Management Business Management VCM
Vertical Claims Management Business Management VCM
Value Chain Management Business VCM
Vinyl Chloride Monomer Chemistry VCM
visual countermeasures Government VCM
Valley Children's Museum Organization VCM
Value Creation Management Business VCM
Voice of Care Ministry Organization VCM
Victory Capital Management Business Management VCM
Vertical Cutter Mixer Business Product VCM
Vice City Mod Law VCM
version compatibility matrix Government VCM

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