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VFM Full Form / Abbreviation Category VFM Terms
Ventura Font Metrics file (Ventura Publisher) File Extension VFM
Voting Form (Voter) File Extension VFM
Virtual File Manager Computer Networking VFM
Variable Frequency Microwave NASA VFM
Ventura Font Metrics File ( Ventura Publisher) File Type VFM
Vladi File Manager Computer Software VFM
Van Kamp Capital American Florida Quality Fund NYSE Symbol VFM
View Finder Monitor Space Science VFM
Value For Money Police VFM
Voice Frequency Measurement Telecom VFM
Valley Forge Masters Swim Team Sports VFM
Vermont Fasteners Manufacturing Business Firm VFM
Vertical Floatation Melter Business Product VFM
Valletta Fund Management Business Management VFM
Voice/ Fax Module Telecom VFM
Vend For Money Business VFM
Vent Fan Motor Business Product VFM
Vehicle Fleet Management Business Management VFM
Volunteers For Mission Military VFM
Vote For Me United Nations VFM

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