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VIS Full Form / Abbreviation Category VIS Terms
Visual Identity System Computer Hardware VIS
Visalia (ca) Airport Code VIS
Variable Induction System Transportation VIS
Visible Imaging System Space Science VIS
V S I Holdings, Inc. AMEX Symbol VIS
Vertical Interval Signaling Electronics VIS
Viewable Image Size Computing VIS
Visalia Municipal Airport, Visalia, California USA Regional Airport Code VIS
Virtual Instrument And Subroutines Computer Software VIS
Viewable In Screen Computing VIS
Vista Graphics file File Extension VIS
Ved International Society Organization VIS
Visual Space Science VIS
Visual Imaging System Military and Defence VIS
Vavoua International School University VIS
Vehicle Intercom System Military VIS
Visible Information Set Computer Database VIS
Visual Instruction Set Computer Assembly VIS
Visual Impairment Services Education VIS
Volunteers In The Schools Education VIS
Visibility Improvement System Transportation VIS
Vehicle Inspection System Transportation VIS
Vatican Information Service Media VIS
Voltage Increasing System Electronics VIS
Virtual International School University VIS
Video Information System Computing VIS
Vodafone International Services Telecommunication VIS
Visibility Space Science VIS

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