VO Full Form Name

VO Full Form is Video Only

VO Full Form / Abbreviation Category VO Terms
Video Only Religious VO
Voice Objects Telecommunication VO
Volcano Observatory Geology VO
Volunteer Orange Organization VO
Voice Organization Organization VO
Voucher Banking Vo
Victory Outreach Organization VO
Voice Only Telecom VO
Initial Velocity of The Reaction Chemistry [VO]
Visual Object Computing VO
Shuttle Operations Directorate, Kennedy Space Center Space Science VO
Verbal Order Physiology VO
Validation Office Military and Defence VO
Voice Space Science VO
Virtual Organization Business Firm VO
Vacuum Oven Chemistry VO
Space Vehicle Operations Directorate Space Science VO
Very Own Business VO
Value Object Database Management VO
Volunteer Ontario Organization VO
Vivid 2.0 Include file with Object definition File Extension VO
Vanguardia Obrera Spanish VO
Vegan Outreach Non-Profit Organization VO
Verbal Orders Military VO
VELLODU Indian Railway Station VO
Volapuk Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode VO
Victims Outreach Organization VO
Virginia Opera Organization VO
Vehicle Operations Space Science VO
Voice Over Media VO
Visit.Org Organization VO
Seagram, LTD. NYSE Symbol VO
Version Originale French VO

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