VS Full Form Name

VS Full Form is Vallese

VS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryVS Terms
Voltage SourcePhysics RelatedVS
Villa SienaOrganizationVS
air anti-submarine squadronGovernmentVS
video switchGovernmentVS
Naval Scout Bombing SquadronMilitary and DefenceVS
Victoria's SecretBusiness FirmVS
Staging VelocitySpace ScienceVs
Virtual StudioComputer SoftwareVS
Variable SpeedElectronicsVS
VersusAcademic & ScienceVS
voltmeter switchGovernmentVS
Value SetComputer AssemblyVS
Volunteer StateLocal StateVS
Very SmallClothesVS
Velvia SlayerFunnyVS
Very StrongSportsVS
Velocity SensitiveNASAVS
Virtual StorageComputingVS
Virtual SpringfieldCommunityVS
Very SpecialInternet SlangVS
Value SeparatorComputer Assembly LanguageVS
Volume SearchMilitary and DefenceVS
Very SlightGeologyVS
Virtual SiliconElectronicsVS
Very SimpleEducationVS
Vector SimilarityMathsVS
Viscous StressPhysics RelatedVS
stalling speedGovernmentVS
Vector SpaceMathsVS
Vietnam SoldierMilitary and DefenceVS
Vestibular Sled (spacelab D-1 Experiment)Space ScienceVS
Very ShallowOcean ScienceVS
Voltage SagsPhysics RelatedVS
Vision SystemComputer SoftwareVS
vestigial sideband, 9GovernmentVS
Volatile SolidsChemistryVS
Very SaturatedChemistryVS
Visual StudioMediaVS
Vital SignsPhysiologyVS
Vikash SadanOrganizationVS
Value StackStock ExchangeVS
Virtual SystemComputer NetworkingVS
VISHVAMITRI JN.Indian Railway StationVS
Very SecureComputer SecurityVS
Voltage SensingElectronicsVS
Vivid 2.0 Include File with Surface DefinitionFile TypeVS
Vivre SainementOrganizationVS
Vertical ShuntElectronicsVS
Very SuperiorEducationVS
variable sweepGovernmentVS
vacuum switchGovernmentVS
Volatile SolidChemistryVS
Voices of September 11thOrganizationVS
Vintage SunburstFoodVS

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