What is the full form of ADM?

ADM Full Form is Atomic Demolition Munitions

Full Form Category Term
Atomic Demolition Munitions Military ADM
Automated Deposit Machine Business ADM
Automatic Deposit Machine Accounting ADM
Another Dead Man Funny ADM
Arnowitt-deser-misner Physics Related ADM
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company NASDAQ Symbol ADM
Ardmore Muni airport Regional Airport Code ADM
Admit Physiology ADM
advanced demonstration model Government ADM
Add/ Drop Multiplexer Telecom ADM
Add/drop Multiplexer Telecommunication ADM
Adaptive Data Manager Database Management ADM
Atomic Demolition Munition Military and Defence ADM
Arnowitt Deser And Misner Business Firm ADM
Archer Daniels Midland Company NYSE Symbol ADM
Advanced Desktop Manager Computer Software ADM
administrative surcharge Government ADM
Additional Dealer Markup Business ADM
Assistant Deputy Minister Business Position ADM
Ardmore (ok) Airport Code ADM
Air Data Module Aircraft and Aviation ADM
A Dumb Machine Funny ADM
Admiralty Military ADM
Asociación Democrática Menorquina Spanish ADM
Add Drop Multiplexer Computer Networking ADM
Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus Physiology ADM
Acquisition Decision Memorandum Military ADM
air-launched decoy missile Government ADM
Above Dealer Msrp (manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) Accounts and Finance ADM
Administrative FBI File ADM
activity data method Government ADM
Adaptive Delta Modulation Electronics ADM
Absolute Distance Meter Physics Related ADM
Accenture Delivery Method Softwares ADM
All Day Mat Sports ADM
Auto Driver Management Softwares ADM
Admission Physiology ADM
Atomic Demolition Mine Military ADM
Archer Daniels Midland Business Firm ADM
Application Development and Maintenance Softwares ADM
Average Daily Membership Non-Profit Organization ADM
American Development Model Sports ADM
Admiral Military ADM
Additional Dealer Mark-up Accounts and Finance ADM
Analog Dynamic Memory Computer Hardware ADM
Amici Del Mondo Organization ADM
Arrow Diagram Method Military ADM
Additional Dealer Mark Business ADM
Advanced Development Model Military ADM
aggregate data manager Government ADM
Application Development Methodology Computer Software ADM
AfterDark MultiModule screensaver File Extension ADM

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