What is the full form of ADT?

ADT Full Form is Automatic Double Tracking

Full Form Category Term
Automatic Double Tracking Military ADT
automatic detection and tracking, 10 Government ADT
air defense tactical training theater Government ADT
Androgen Deprivation Therapy Oncology ADT
A Daft Tosser Funny ADT
Aalaya Darshanam Trust Organization ADT
American District Telegraph Business Firm ADT
Abstract Data Type Computing ADT
Accumulated Delay Transcription Media ADT
application data types Government ADT
Arabia Daylight Time Time ADT
Dictionary (Lingvo) File Extension ADT
Android Development Tools Softwares ADT
agar diffusion test British Medicine ADT
Average Daily Trips Transportation ADT
Admission, Discharge, Transfer Physiology ADT
airborne data terminal Government ADT
Army Dependants’ Trust (uk) Military and Defence ADT
American Discovery Trail Non-Profit Organization ADT
adenosine triphosphate British Medicine ADT
Aminet Download Tool Computer Software ADT
ADT Corporation NASDAQ Symbol ADT
automatic data translator Government ADT
Automatic Digital Tester Military ADT
America's Dumbest Technicians Funny ADT
Asynchronous Data Teleservice Computer and Networking ADT
automatic data transmission Government ADT
Active Directory Tools Softwares ADT
AdTech Fax document File Extension ADT
HP NewWave Cardfile Application Datafile File Extension ADT
advanced display terminal Government ADT
Assign Digital Transmission Group Military and Defence ADT
Alianza del Trabajo Spanish ADT
ADUTURAI Indian Railway Station ADT
Atlantic Daylight Time Regional ADT
Active Duty for Training Military ADT
Alphanumeric Display Terminal Texting ADT
Applied Diagnostic Techniques Electronics ADT
Ada (ok) Airport Code ADT
Array Display Tool Softwares ADT
Administrative Decisions Tribunal US Government ADT

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