What is the full form of BAG?


Full Form Category Term
BAGASARA Indian Railway Station BAG
Below Average Golfer Sports BAG
Burgundy And Grey Sports BAG
Books Activities And Games Education BAG
Bhagwaan, Allah, and God Religious BAG
Big Apple Greeter Organization BAG
budget aggregate group Government BAG
Budget Applications And Goals Business BAG
Baguio Airport Code BAG
Buy A Gun Sports BAG
Baguio airport Regional Airport Code BAG
Bees Are Gambling Funny BAG
Baptism Assimilation Group Religious BAG
Bereavement Assistance Group Community BAG
Baggage Military and Defence BAG
Black Artists Group Religious BAG
Bindweed Afflicted Gardener Physiology BAG
1) Your own thing ,what ever turns you on 2) Small quantity of marijuana which is sold in small bags. .... What I do is my bag. 2) Jason purchased a dime bag off the street. Casual Expression BAG
Butorphanol Acepromazine And Glycopyrrolate Medical BAG
budget activity group, 3 Government BAG
bag Unit of Measurement BAG

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What is BAG?

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