What is the full form of BOM?

BOM Full Form is basic operating monitor

Full Form Category Term
basic operating monitor Government BOM
bill of materiel Government BOM
Byte Order Mark Computer Assembly BOM
Bureau Of Meterology Meteorology BOM
Branch Office Manager Business BOM
Mumbai Airport Code BOM
Book Of Mormon Religious BOM
BOMADRA Indian Railway Station BOM
beginning of message Government BOM
Bill Of Material Electronics BOM
Board Of Monitresses Community BOM
Beginning of Month Space Science BOM
Bilateral Otitis Media Physiology BOM
Best Overall Method Business BOM
Back On Market Real Estate BOM
Bracelet Of the Month Business Product BOM
Barrel Of Monkeys Business Product BOM
Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport Regional Airport Code BOM
Bit-Oriented Message Military BOM
Mumbai, India Regional Airport Code BOM
Best Of Missisauga Community BOM
Book Of the Month Hobby BOM
Boogles Of Moogles Funny BOM
Big Opera Mundi Music BOM
Board of Management Business Firm BOM
Balls Of Might Funny BOM
Bill Of Materials Accounting BOM

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What is BOM?

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