What is the full form of BTW?

BTW Full Form is By The Way, ....

Full Form Category Term
By The Way, .... US Government BTW
Booker T Washington Other BTW
Burn the Witch Funny BTW
Bekannte Teilwahrheit German BTW
Bin Total Wech German BTW
But The Weiner Funny BTW
By The Way. , I'll be home at 6PM. Casual Expression BTW
Brothers of the Third Wheel Hobby BTW
Block Transfer Write Computer Assembly BTW
Batu Licin Airport Code BTW
BARSI TOWN Indian Railway Station BTW
Boltzmann Time Warping Softwares BTW
Big Time Wrestling Sports BTW
Bad To Watch Media BTW
By The Way SMS BTW
British Traditional Wicca Hobby BTW
But That's Wild Internet Slang BTW
Below The Waist Sports BTW
Be That Way Internet Slang BTW
Belasting Toegevoegde Waarde Day's Abbreviation BTW
By The Way .... Military BTW
Better Than Wolves Funny BTW
by the way. Government BTW
Behind The Wheel Transportation BTW
Biological and Toxic Weapon Military and Defence BTW
Between Internet Slang BTW
Booker T. Washington Popular BTW
Bye Till Wednesday Internet Slang BTW
Back To Work Business BTW

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