What is the full form of CAF?

CAF Full Form is contract audit follow-up, 6

Full Form Category Term
contract audit follow-up, 6 Government CAF
Country Ark Farm Organization CAF
Credit Application Format Accounting CAF
combat air forces Government CAF
Crude Aqueous Filtrate Chemistry CAF
Clinica Angel Foianini Medical CAF
Caucasian adult female Physiology CAF
Community Aid Facilities Organization CAF
Morgan Stanley China A Share Fund Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CAF
Central African Federation United Nations CAF
Currency Adjustment Factor US Government CAF
Compañía Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles Spanish CAF
Confederation Of African Football Sports CAF
Cold Aseptic Filling Physiology CAF
command advisory function Government CAF
Canadian Arab Federation Other CAF
Convert ASCII to Farsii Computer Assembly CAF
Centro Andaluz De Flamenco Spanish CAF
Council on the American Family Organization CAF
Computer Assisted Feedback Business CAF
Challenged Athletes Foundation Other CAF
Commander, Assault Force Military and Defence CAF
Combined Assault Force Military and Defence CAF
Consejo de Administración Fiduciaria Spanish CAF
Crunched Article File Computing CAF
Consider All Factors Military CAF
Compressed Asbestos Fiber Chemistry CAF
Create A Family Community CAF
Cooley's Anemia Foundation Non-Profit Organization CAF
Cute As F*** Messaging CAF
Children of Alcoholics Foundation Organization CAF
caffeine British Medicine CAF
Conserve Africa Foundation Organization CAF
Confederate Air Force Museum CAF
Central African Republic Country ISO Code CAF
Charities Aid Foundation Organization CAF
Customer Acquisition Form Messaging CAF
Created Auto-fill Softwares CAF
Coastal America Foundation Organization CAF
Comite Abeille Et Fleurs Organization CAF
Comités Abertos de Facultade Spanish CAF
CHANDA FORT Indian Railway Station CAF
Canadian Armed Forces Military CAF
Common Assembly Format Computer Assembly CAF
Chemically Assisted Fragmentation Military CAF
Common Assessment Framework Accounting CAF
Muniholdings California Insured Fund V NYSE Symbol CAF
California Autism Foundation Organization CAF
Club Alpin Français Sports CAF
Component Ascii File Computer Assembly Language CAF
chemical analysis facility Government CAF
Canadian Air Force Military CAF
Council for the Australian Federation Other CAF
Cultural Ambassadors Foundation Organization CAF
commander airlift forces Government CAF
Cute As Fuck Internet Slang CAF
Child Aid Foundation Organization CAF
Conductive Anodic Filaments Electronics CAF
Carauari Airport Code CAF
Chicago Architecture Foundation Other CAF
Conductive Anodic Filamentation Electronics CAF

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