What is the full form of CALS?

CALS Full Form is Central Arkansas Library System

Full Form Category Term
Central Arkansas Library System Other CALS
College Of Agricultural And Life Sciences University CALS
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Educational Institute CALS
Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support Military CALS
Computer Aided Logistics Support Military CALS
Cafe Au Lait Spots Medical CALS
computer aided logistic system Government CALS
Client Access Licenses Security Computer Security CALS
Bitmap graphics (Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support) File Extension CALS
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support Computing CALS
Comprehensive Advanced Life Support Hospital CALS
Consolidated Accreditation And Licensure Survey Computer Security CALS
Canadian Association For Leisure Studies Hobby CALS
Continuous Acquisition And Life-cycle Support Military CALS
Cooperative Academic Library Service Library CALS
Centre for Asian and Pacific Studies, Eugene Organization CALS
Croatian Applied Linguistics Society Non-Profit Organization CALS
Continuous Acquisition And Lifecycle Support Military CALS
Centre For Advanced Legal Studies University CALS
Computer Aided Logistic Support Military CALS
Committee for Ammunition Logistic Support Military CALS

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