What is the full form of CAPS?

CAPS Full Form is Combined Actuarial Performance Services

Full Form Category Term
Combined Actuarial Performance Services Business Firm CAPS
Community Alternative Placement Scheme Business Position CAPS
Computer Aided Product Selection Business CAPS
Clinician-administered Post-traumatic Stress [patient Interview] Military and Defence CAPS
computer-assisted problem solving Government CAPS
Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy Law CAPS
Center of Asian and Pacific Studies, Iowa City Organization CAPS
Cleaved Amplified Polymorphic Sequence Laboratory CAPS
Conventional Armaments Planning System Government CAPS
Computer Aided Prototyping System Military CAPS
Call Attempts Per Second Telecommunication CAPS
Citizen Action Produces Strength Law CAPS
Corporate Accounts Payable System Accounts and Finance CAPS
Center For Academic Program Support Acedemic & Science CAPS
Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms Ocean Science CAPS
Charlton Athletic Priority Scheme Sports CAPS
Computerized Animation Production System Computer Software CAPS
Configuration Analysis and Projection System Government CAPS
Christian Association of Psychological Studies Religious CAPS
computerized airlift planning system Government CAPS
Computer Assisted Problem Solving Military CAPS
capitals Government CAPS
Child And Adult Protective System Community CAPS
Capital Letters Softwares CAPS
Civic Awareness Promotion Society Organization CAPS
cassette programming system Government CAPS
Common Attitude Pointing System Space Science CAPS
Commodity Availability Procurement Strategy Military and Defence CAPS
Certified Aging In Place Specialist Certifications CAPS
Computer Animation Production System Computer Software CAPS
Can Am Pylon Society Sports CAPS
Common Avhrr Processing Software Softwares CAPS
Computer Assisted Acquisition System Government CAPS
Capital Area Pronunciation Specialists Business Firm CAPS
Credit Assessment and Program Specifications Accounts and Finance CAPS
Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor Job Title CAPS
Certified Airline Passenger Services Transportation CAPS
Consolidated Aerial Port System Military CAPS
Canadian Association Of Professional Speakers Non-Profit Organization CAPS
Computer Assisted Passenger Screening Transportation CAPS
Crew Altitude Protection Suit Space Science CAPS
Corrective Action Problem System Space Science CAPS
Children of Aging Parents Non-Profit Organization CAPS
Credit Assessment And Programme Specifications Accounting CAPS
Capital Augmented Preferred Shares Stock Exchange CAPS
Child Abuse Prevention Services Organization CAPS
Christian Association for Psychological Studies Non-Profit Organization CAPS
cell atmosphere processing system Government CAPS
Crew Activity Planning System Space Science CAPS
Center for African Postcultural Studies Organization CAPS
Chedoke Amputee Peer Support Community CAPS

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