What is the full form of CARE?

CARE Full Form is Customers Are Really Everything

Full Form Category Term
Customers Are Really Everything Funny CARE
Christian Action Research & Education Organization CARE
Computer Aided Re Engineering Computing CARE
Contraception Advice Research Education Funny CARE
Christian Action for Relief & Empowerment Organization CARE
Cooperative For Assistance And Relief Everywhere United Nations CARE
Children Are Reason Enough Community CARE
Career Average Revalued Earnings Job Title CARE
Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively Education CARE
Carrier Access Records Exchange Computer and Networking CARE
Career Assistance and Resources for Employment Organization CARE
Community Ailment Redressal Establishment Organization CARE
Cancer Awareness Resource Environment Oncology CARE
Create A Remarkable Experience Community CARE
Central Arkansas Rescue Effort Non-Profit Organization CARE
Combined Accident Reduction Effort Law CARE
Concerned About Rape Education Law CARE
Child Abuse Research Education Law CARE
Children's Counseling Center Organization CARE
Child Abuse Reduction Effort Law CARE
Compassion And Respect For Everyone Community CARE
Children's Assistance And Resource Event Community CARE
Courtesy and Respect Empower Military and Defence CARE
Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Government Policies CARE
Creating Animal Respect Education Community CARE
Certified Atkins Retail Expert Job Title CARE
Christians Actively Reaching Everyone Religious CARE
Canadian Association for Renewable Energies Organization CARE
Community Action Readiness Effort Community CARE
Cooperativa Americana de Remesas al Exterior Guatemalan CARE
Christian Action Research And Education Religious CARE
Comics Are Required Entertainment Funny CARE
Coulee Area Regional Employers Business CARE
Communication Action Research And Evaluation University CARE
Care And Respect Everyone Community CARE
California Alternate Rates For Energy Regional CARE
Construction Accident Reduction Emphasis US Government CARE
Client Assessment Referral And Evaluation Business CARE
Credit Analysis & Research Limited Company Name CARE
Cooperative Agencies Resources For Education Education CARE

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