What is the full form of CB?

CB Full Form is Citizens Band radio

Full Form Category Term
Citizens Band radio Misc CB
Carpet Bowls Other CB
Charlie Brown Popular CB
Coldwell Banker Other CB
chemical and biological Government CB
Compeer of Birmingham Organization CB
Country Bumpkin Other CB
common battery Government CB
Clinica Bazterrica Medical CB
Club of Budapest Organization CB
The Central Banks Banking CB
board Government CB
Clinique Belmont Medical CB
Chronic Bronchitis Physiology CB
Color Blind Physiology CB
common base Government CB
Call Back Telecom CB
College Bound University CB
Crash and Burn Military and Defence CB
Cast Bullet Military and Defence CB
Clean Burn Military and Defence CB
Clínica Bernardette Medical CB
Coloring Book Education CB
Children's Bellevue Medical CB
Citizens' Band Media CB
Complex Burst Military and Defence CB
Christian Baptist Other CB
Church of the Brethren Organization CB
Certification Body Government CB
Council Bluffs, Iowa Local State CB
large cruiser Government CB
Chat Board Internet Slang CB
Corrected Balance Banking cb
Contemporary Black Uncategorized CB
Code Breaker Military and Defence CB
Charles Bronson Other CB
Confinement To Barracks (punishment) Military and Defence CB
Carte Bleue French CB
Construction Battalion (seabees) Military and Defence CB
Circuit Board Hardware CB
Corporation hospitalière Beauséjour Medical CB
Charity Banners Organization CB
Clueless Boy Internet Slang CB
Chubb Corporation NYSE Symbol CB
Care Bear Other CB
Christian Brothers Organization CB
Counter Bid Stock Exchange CB
Clinique de Beloeil Medical CB
Cell Biology University CB
Community Board Community CB
Core Business Business CB
center of balance Government CB
Chemical-biological Military and Defence CB
Current Billing Stock Exchange CB
Casus Belli Other CB
Ciao Baby Internet Slang CB
Calwell Banker Banking CB
Cracker Barrel Other CB
Clinique psychiatrique Bellelay Medical CB
Command Button Softwares CB
Count Basie Popular CB
Cerdas Bangsa Organization CB
Microsoft Clean Boot File File Type CB
Compensation Board Local State CB
Crime Branch Police CB
Central Bank Stock Exchange CB
Cute Boy Internet Slang CB
Chat Box Sports CB
Chargeback Accounting CB
Chemical- Biological Military CB
Center of Buoyancy Space Science CB
Corporation Bank Banking CB
Citizen Band Computer and Networking CB
CaringBridge Non-Profit Organization CB
Commonwealth Bank Banking CB
Card Bus Hardware CB
RDP Government CB
Chubb Corporation (The) NASDAQ Symbol CB
Carbon Black Electronics CB
confined to barracks Government CB
Current Bid Stock Exchange CB
Civic Builders Organization CB
Cakrabirawa Unit, The Indonesian Presidential Guard Military and Defence CB
Count of Bytes Computer Assembly Language CB
Cummulative Bulletin Accounts and Finance CB
Cross Bow Military and Defence CB
Celestial Baby Funny CB
Centre Back Other CB
Clínica Bethel Medical CB
CancerBacup Organization CB
Call Barring (TIA TR-34) Computer and Networking CB
Cell Block Law CB
Constant Bandwidth Space Science CB
Chastity Belt Other CB
Club of Bologna Organization CB
coordination board Government CB
Constantly Buying Stock Exchange CB
construction battalion Government CB
Circuit Breaker Electronics CB
Cash Box Banking CB
Children's Bureau Organization CB
Citizens Band Other CB
Central Battery Military and Defence CB
Clean Boot Computing CB
Confident Beginnings Organization CB
Cape Breton Regional CB
Conduction Band Electronics CB
Capacity Building Other CB

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