What is the full form of CDC?

CDC Full Form is chemical decontamination center

Full Form Category Term
chemical decontamination center Government CDC
Classified Doctrine Concept Military and Defence CDC
Current Dated Cheque Banking CDC
Concern for Disadvantaged Children Organization CDC
Connection Device Configuration Computer Hardware CDC
Center for Disease Control Disease CDC
Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited Stock Exchange CDC
Confined Detonating Cord Space Science CDC
computer display channel Government CDC
Center of Disease Control Disease CDC
Central Depository Company Stock Exchange CDC
call directing code Government CDC
CoDevelopment Canada Organization CDC
California Democratic Council Political CDC
Cell Division Cycle Physiology CDC
Canossian Daughters of Charity Organization CDC
Cell Division Control Human Genome CDC
Camp David Centre Organization CDC
Century Date Change Computing CDC
Class Device Context Networking CDC
Clostridium difficile colitis British Medicine CDC
consolidated duplicating center Government CDC
Combat Development Command Government CDC
College Development Council Chandigarh Government CDC
Control Data Corporation Military CDC
call directing character Government CDC
Clearly Deceptive Calculations Accounts and Finance CDC
Combat Developments Course Military and Defence CDC
Certified Development Company Certifications CDC
Commonwealth Development Corporation Organization CDC
Community Development Corporation Business CDC
current-controlled voltage source Government CDC
Countdown Clock Space Science CDC
Capital Disease Control Funny CDC
Caribbean Documentation Centre Organization CDC
Cul De Canard Clothes CDC
Citizens Development Center Organization CDC
Compass EMP U S EQ Income 100 Enhanced Volatility Weighted Fun NASDAQ Symbol CDC
Citizens Democracy Corps Non-Profit Organization CDC
Centers for Disease Control Disease CDC
Current Dated Check Accounts and Finance CDC
Changed Data Capture Softwares CDC
Christian Defense Coalition US Government CDC
Consultancy Development Centre Organization CDC
Connected Device Configuration Computer Networking CDC
change data capture Other CDC
Career Development Centre Organization CDC
Cancer Detection Center Organization CDC
Clothing Distribution Center Community CDC
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (u.s.) Healthcare CDC
California Dance Co-operative Organization CDC
career development course Government CDC
Center of Life Organization CDC
Cedar City (ut) Airport Code CDC
Climate Diagnostics Center Ocean Science CDC
Center for Disease Control…it Disease CDC
Conus Demobilization Center Military and Defence CDC
computing device Canada, 12 Government CDC
Little Tokyo Service Center Organization CDC
Cd Data Controller Computer Hardware CDC
Centre For Disease Control School CDC
chenodeoxycholate British Medicine CDC
Controlled Dispersion Characteristic Physics Related CDC
Center for Development Concerns Organization CDC
Cadet Deputy Commander Military and Defence CDC
Career Development Center Business CDC
Crop Development Centre Government CDC
Chemical Dependency Centre Organization CDC
Core Data Center Military CDC
Cedar City Rgnl airport Regional Airport Code CDC
Convergencia Democrática de Catalunya Spanish CDC
Communication Daughter Card Hardware CDC
Core Domain Controller Networking CDC
Cairo Demographic Centre Organization CDC
Center for Disaster Control Military and Defence CDC
command data channel Government CDC
Casa of Denton County Organization CDC
County Dialysis Center Medical CDC
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US Government CDC
Cotswold District Council Local State CDC
Center for Democracy and Citizenship Organization CDC
configuration data control Government CDC

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