What is the full form of CDR?

CDR Full Form is Current Drain Reduction

Full Form Category Term
Current Drain Reduction Electronics CDR
Compact Disk Recordable Computing CDR
Critical Design Review Ocean Science CDR
Controlled Directional Reception Radio Science CDR
Clinical Dementia Rating Hospital CDR
Child Development Resources Organization CDR
Clock and Data Recovery Telecom CDR
Crash Data Retrieval Computer Software CDR
Compact Disc Rom Hardware CDR
Clinical Data Repository Laboratory CDR
Crappy Demo Recording Funny CDR
China Depository Receipts Stock Exchange CDR
Copy Density Range Computing CDR
Cleaning and Decontamination Request Space Science CDR
Contents of Decrement Register Computer Assembly Language CDR
consolidated data report, 13 Government CDR
Contents of Destination Register Computer Assembly Language CDR
Call Detail Recording Telecom CDR
Council for Disability Rights Organization CDR
Chadron (ne) Airport Code CDR
Compact Disc Recordable Computer Software CDR
Call Data Records Telecom CDR
Corporate Debt Restructuring Banking CDR
Chemical Distribution Room Chemistry CDR
Camp Dining Room Military and Defence CDR
Create Duplicate Rip Funny CDR
combat deployable radio Government CDR
Computerized Digital Radiography Laboratory CDR
Committed Data Rate Networking CDR
command destruct receiver Government CDR
contents of decrement Government CDR
current directional relay Government CDR
Cedar Realty Trust, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CDR
Call Detail Records Telecom CDR
Contents of Data Register Computer Assembly Language CDR
Coreldraw Format Vector Graphics File Type CDR
cargo delivery receipt Government CDR
Complementarity Determining Region Electronics CDR
Center for Democratic Renewal Non-Profit Organization CDR
conceptual design requirement Government CDR
Call Detail Record Telecom CDR
close defense relations Government CDR
Compact Disc Rewriteable Electronics CDR
Central Dining Room Architecture CDR
Continuous Data Recording Military and Defence CDR
Commander Police CDR
Coded Departure Routes Transportation CDR
Convection Dominant Reflow Physics Related CDR

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