What is the full form of CEA?

CEA Full Form is Cinema Exhibitors Association

Full Form Category Term
Cinema Exhibitors Association Media CEA
Consumer Electronics Association Stock Exchange CEA
Certified Energy Analyst Job Title CEA
Wichita (ks) Airport Code CEA
Control Electronics Assembly Space Science CEA
Center for Electronic Art Organization CEA
Community Environment Alliance Organization CEA
control element assembly Government CEA
Communications Enabled Applications Other CEA
combined electronics assembly Government CEA
Carcinoembryonic Antigen (tumour marker) Oncology CEA
Cost Effectiveness Analysis Military CEA
Customer Experience Associate Job Title CEA
Comisión Económica para Africa Spanish CEA
California Earthquake Authority Local State CEA
Confederación de Empresarios de Andalucía Spanish CEA
Captured Enemy Ammunition Military and Defence CEA
Controlled Environment Agriculture Farming CEA
Central Electricity Authority Indian Ministry of Power CEA
Commodity Exchange Act Misc CEA
Chemical Equilibrium with Applications Acedemic & Science CEA
Collie Eye Anomaly Physiology CEA
China Eastern Airlines, LTD. NYSE Symbol CEA
Custom Enterprise Agreement Computing CEA
Council of Economic Advisers US Government CEA
College English Association Educational Institute CEA
Comité Europeo de Agricultura Spanish CEA
Carotid Endarterectomy Medical CEA
Cincinnati Entertainment Awards Community CEA
Central Education Administration Government CEA
Commodity Exchange Authority Stock Exchange CEA
CarcinoEmbryonic Agent Oncology CEA
China Eastern Airlines Other CEA
Centro de Estudos Africanos African CEA
Community Education Alliance Organization CEA
Connecticut Education Association Education CEA
Centro di Ecologia Alpina Organization CEA
Corporate Other CEA
Carcinogenic Embryonic Antigen Oncology CEA
circular error average Government CEA
Carcino- Embryonic Antigen Laboratory CEA
Atomic Energy Commission Ocean Science CEA
communications electronics activity Government CEA
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd. NASDAQ Symbol CEA

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