What is the full form of CEM?

CEM Full Form is Certified Energy Manager

Full Form Category Term
Certified Energy Manager Job Title CEM
Customer Experience Management Business CEM
Center for Electro-mechanics Military CEM
Certified In Exhibition Management Business Management CEM
Círculo de Electrónica Militar Spanish CEM
College of Engineering and Mines Educational Institute CEM
Construction Economics Management Business CEM
Communications Electronics–Meteorological Equipment Status and Inventory System Government CEM
Central de Especialidades Médicas Medical CEM
Concepts Evaluation Model Military CEM
Construction Engineering And Management University CEM
ClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CEM
combined effects munitions Government CEM
Certified Emergency Manager Other CEM
Construction Economics And Management Business CEM
captured enemy materiel Government CEM
Chemfirst, Inc. NYSE Symbol CEM
Conditional Excluded Middle Maths CEM
Central (ak) Airport Code CEM
Curriculum Evaluation And Management University CEM
Central, Alaska USA Regional Airport Code CEM
communications – electronics meteorological Government CEM
Certified Eifs Mechanic Job Title CEM
cost engineering model Government CEM
Cost Effective Measurement Accounts and Finance CEM
Contract Equipment Manufacturers Business CEM
Combined Effects Munition Military and Defence CEM
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Electronics CEM
Civil Electrical And Mechanical University CEM
Cemetery Genealogy CEM
Certified Equipment Manager Certifications CEM
Clínica Estela Maris Medical CEM
Cisco Equipment Manager Business Position CEM
Centre For Electronic Music University CEM
Clínica de Especialidades Médicas Medical CEM
Centro Em Movimento Spanish CEM
Centro de Estudios Militares Guatemalan CEM
CHEEKATEEGALPLM Indian Railway Station CEM
compromising emanations Government CEM
Consolidation, Extension, and Modification Database Management CEM
Chemistry Electronics And Mechanics University CEM
Cascade Exciton Model Physics Related CEM
Colloquial Entropy Markup Physics Related CEM
Cylindrical Energy Module Other CEM
Commission On Ecosystem Management Business Management CEM

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