What is the full form of CER?

CER Full Form is Comparative Effectiveness Review

Full Form Category Term
Comparative Effectiveness Review Military and Defence CER
Cost Estimating Relationship Military CER
Compilation Error Message File Type CER
Cell Error Ratio Computer and Networking CER
Certified Emission Reduction  Other CER
Comprehensive Evaluation Reports Military CER
Classical Estimation Ratio Physics Related CER
civil engineering report Government CER
Maupertus airport Regional Airport Code CER
complete engineering release Government CER
Centre for European Reform Acedemic & Science CER
Clean Energy Regulator Other CER
ceramic metal element Government CER
Cherbourg, France Regional Airport Code CER
ceramic-to-metal Government CER
Controlled Energy Release NASA CER
Center For Educational Restoration University CER
Constrained Execution Region Softwares CER
Certified Emission Reduction Environmental CER
Cherbourg Airport Code CER
Centro Retail Group ASX Symbols CER
Capsule, Extended Release Physiology CER
Canonical Encoding Rules Mathematics CER
Carbon Emission Reduction Environmental CER
Conference on European Rabbis Organization CER
ceramic and metal fuels Government CER
character error rate Government CER
Crash Error Report Softwares CER
comparative effectiveness research University CER
Security certificate File Extension CER
Coordinated Ecosystem Research Ocean Science CER
Capital Expenditure Request Business CER
Certified Emissions Reductions Certifications CER
Compilation error messages (Lahey Fortran) File Extension CER
Closer Economic Relations US Government CER
Center For Evaluation And Research Medical CER

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