What is the full form of CIP?

CIP Full Form is Clean In Place

Full Form Category Term
Clean In Place Food CIP
combined interoperability program Government CIP
Carrier Identification Parameter Telecom CIP
Communicating Interacting Processes Networking CIP
critical item program Government CIP
Critical Infrastructure Protection Computer Security CIP
The Common Indexing Protocol Law CIP
Career Intern Program US Government CIP
Capital Investment Program Military CIP
Certified Information Professional Certifications CIP
critical intelligence parameter Government CIP
Centre for International Peacebuilding Organization CIP
Chipata airport Regional Airport Code CIP
Combat Information Processor Military and Defence CIP
Check It Products Business Firm CIP
Commercially Important Person Insurance CIP
Cascade Improvement Program Electronics CIP
Carriage and Insurance Paid International Business CIP
Coordinated Instrument Package Space Science CIP
Command Inspection Program Military and Defence CIP
Challenge Incarceration Program Law CIP
consolidated intelligence program Government CIP
Central Investment Program Accounts and Finance CIP
compatible independent peripherals Government CIP
combat intelligence processor Government CIP
Continuous Improvement Plan Business CIP
Chipata Airport Code CIP
Cataloging In Publication Media CIP
Common Isochronous Packet Computer Networking CIP
Contact Ion Pair Physics Related CIP
commercial instruction processor Government CIP
command interface port Government CIP
component improvement program Government CIP
Community Involvement Project Organization CIP
Central Issue Price Messaging CIP
Component Improvement Program , 15 Government CIP
Community Improvement Program Community CIP
Community Investment Prospectus Police CIP
Component In Paste Electronics CIP
Commissione delle istituzioni politiche Italian CIP
Central Institute of Psychiatry Ministry of Health and Family Welfare CIP
Community Initiative Partner Organization CIP
Capital Improvement Plan Business CIP
Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Medical CIP
Civilian Institution Program Military and Defence CIP
Capital Investment Plan Transportation CIP
communication improvement plan Government CIP
communications implementation plan Government CIP
Communications Improvement Program Military and Defence CIP
Conceited Irritating Prat Funny CIP
Cornishlist Is Partyin Funny CIP
Ticaretle Ugrasan öNemli Kisiler Turkish CIP
Customer Integration Panel Space Science CIP
Customer Identification Program Other CIP
Cesium Intermediate Product Chemistry CIP
Control and Information Protocol Softwares CIP
Component-Independent Palette Computer and Networking CIP
Coloring Integer Program Softwares CIP
Chartered Insurance Professional Insurance CIP
Certificate In Investment Planning Accounts and Finance CIP
Centre for Peace Research, Madrid Organization CIP
Cryptographic Interface Provider Military and Defence CIP
communications interface processor Government CIP
Cote d'Ivoire Prospérité Organization CIP
Continuous Improvement Program Electronics CIP
common integrated processor Government CIP
Cost Insurance Prepaid Accounts and Finance CIP
Capital Improvements Program Business CIP
Clothing Issue Point Military and Defence CIP
Cast In Place Business Product CIP
Chat In Private Internet Slang CIP
Channel Interface Processor Telecom CIP
CHICHPALLI Indian Railway Station CIP
Capital Improvement Project Accounts and Finance CIP
Classification Of Instructional Programs University CIP
Continuous Improvement Process Business CIP
Center for International Policy Other CIP
Common Industrial Protocol Business CIP
Canadian Institute of Planners Professional Organizations CIP
Candidate Interoperability Plan Military and Defence CIP

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