What is the full form of CLASS?

CLASS Full Form is Bellcore service mark for signaling features such as Caller ID

Full Form Category Term
Bellcore service mark for signaling features such as Caller ID Computer and Networking CLASS
Christian Leaders And Speakers Seminar Conference CLASS
Committee For Law Abiding State Senators Local State CLASS
Connecting Learning And Accountability For Students And Schools Education CLASS
Cell Level Atm Services Simulator Telecom CLASS
closed-loop artillery simulation system Government CLASS
Classification Space Science CLASS
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Educational Institute CLASS
Closed Loop Artillery Simulation System Military CLASS
Connected Learning Assures Students Success Education CLASS
California Lawyers' Assistants Secretaries & Students Organization CLASS
computing, laser-aided, sight System Government CLASS
cooperative library agency for systems and services Government CLASS
Java bytecode (compiled class - application) File Extension CLASS
Chameleonic Light Altering Simulated System Government CLASS
Clustered Learning For Academic Student Success Education CLASS
Connected Learning Assures Student Success Education CLASS
Custom Local Area Signaling Services Telecom CLASS
Cell Level Atm (asynchronous Transfer Mode) Services Simulator Telecommunication CLASS
Connecting Learning Assures Successful Students Education CLASS
Come Late And Start Sleeping Funny CLASS
cross-chain LORAN atmospheric sounding system Ocean Science CLASS
Christian Leaders Authors Speakers Services Religious CLASS
closed loop accounting for store sales Government CLASS
client access to systems and services Government CLASS
Canada-london Automated Settlement Service Stock Exchange CLASS
coherent laser radar airborne shear sensor Government CLASS

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