What is the full form of CMD?

CMD Full Form is command code

Full Form Category Term
command code Government CMD
Command Prompt Computing CMD
Creative Mechanical Design Computer Hardware CMD
countermeasures duties Government CMD
Chief Managing Director Business Organizations CMD
Command NASA CMD
cystic medial degeneration British Medicine CMD
Central Manufacturing District Other CMD
Centre for Management Development Business Management CMD
core memory driver Government CMD
Clínica Médico y Dental Medical CMD
countermeasures dispenser Government CMD
Control And Monitoring Display Computer Networking CMD
REXX Batch file File Extension CMD
Center for Management Development Business Management CMD
Certified Marketing Director Business Position CMD
Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia Regional Airport Code CMD
Color Monitor Device Military CMD
Club Management Diploma Educational Degree CMD
circuit mode data Government CMD
Command file File Extension CMD
Color Monitor Display Military CMD
Canadian Medical Directory Medical CMD
Computer Molecular Dynamics Chemistry CMD
External command menu (1st Reader) File Extension CMD
catalog management data, 10 Government CMD
Cross Machine Direction Business Product CMD
Chairman & Managing Director Business CMD
Cootamundra Airport Code CMD
Cross Machine Duotone Business Product CMD
Creative Mentoring of Delaware Organization CMD
cruise missile defense Government CMD
contract management district Government CMD
Creative Micro Devices Business Firm CMD

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