What is the full form of CMS?

CMS Full Form is Court-martialled and Shot

Full Form Category Term
Court-martialled and Shot Military and Defence CMS
College of Martial Science Educational Institute CMS
Consolate Missionary Sisters Organization CMS
Comboni Missionary Sisters Organization CMS
community management staff Government CMS
controlled mode security Government CMS
Cambridge Monitoring System (computer Program) Space Science CMS
Camp Max Straus Organization CMS
Center for Migration Studies Organization CMS
Conversational Monitor System Military CMS
Corporate Messaging Solution Networking CMS
Content Management Software Softwares CMS
Counter-mine System Military and Defence CMS
Central Monitoring Station Networking CMS
contractor maintenance support Government CMS
Clay Metamorphic Servant Funny CMS
Corporate Management System Business Management CMS
Call Management System Business Management CMS
Calibration Management System Business Management CMS
Cost Management System Accounting CMS
College Management System Educational Institute CMS
Content Management System Internet CMS
compiler monitor system Government CMS
Call Management Server Computer and Networking CMS
CMS Energy Corporation NYSE Symbol CMS
Credit Management System Accounting CMS
contractor maintenance services Government CMS
Centro Médico Sacramento Medical CMS
Claremont Mudd Scripps Business Firm CMS
combat management system Government CMS
control monitor set Government CMS
Center For Medicare Services Medical CMS
courseware management systems Government CMS
code management system Government CMS
Command Management System NASA CMS
Call Management Signaling Computer and Networking CMS
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Government CMS
communications security equipment inventory Government CMS
conversation monitor system Government CMS
Content Management Systems Computer Software CMS
Competency Management System Space Science CMS
color management system Government CMS
Cupcake Management System Business Management CMS
Combat Mission Simulator Military CMS
Clínica Médica Salgado Medical CMS
Conversation Monitoring System Softwares CMS
Centro Médico del Sureste Medical CMS
City Montessori School Organization CMS
Clínica Médica Sur Medical CMS
Conventional Munitions System Government CMS
Curriculum Management System University CMS
Combat Maintenance System Government CMS
Case Management System Law CMS
cost monitoring specialist, 27 Government CMS
Creator Management System Stock Exchange CMS
Crossroads Middle School Organization CMS
Crisis Management System Government CMS
combat monitoring system Government CMS
Course Management System University CMS
Christian Mission Society Organization CMS
Catalog Management System Government CMS
Church Mission Society Organization CMS
chronic mountain sickness British Medicine CMS
Chief Master Sergeant Military CMS
Circuit Multiplication System Computer and Networking CMS
Connelly Middle School Organization CMS
Church Missionary Society African CMS
Centre Mitissien de Sante Medical CMS
Customs Management System Business Management CMS
Comsec (communications Security) Materiel System Military and Defence CMS
Changeable Message Signs Transportation CMS
Colorado Medical Society Other CMS
Communications Management System Military CMS
Centro Médico de Sahuayo Medical CMS
configuration management system Government CMS
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Healthcare CMS
Cryptographic Message Syntax Computer Security CMS
Congestion Management Systems Transportation CMS
Constant Maturity Swap Business Product CMS
Contact Management System Business CMS
Collateral Management System Business Management CMS
common military syllabus Government CMS
Clinique Médicale Squatec Medical CMS
cockpit management system Government CMS
Children's Mercy South Medical CMS
Center for Materials Simulation University CMS
current-mode switching, Government CMS
Contingency Mutual Support Military and Defence CMS
Compact Muon Solenoid Physics CMS
cargo movement system Government CMS
Changeable Message Sign Transportation CMS
Centre for Mediterranean Studies, United Kingdom Organization CMS
Scusciuban Airport Code CMS
Common Management System Business Management CMS
Container Management System Military CMS
Corporación Médica Salaverry Medical CMS
Cambridge Montessori School Organization CMS
Coordinate Measuring System Electronics CMS

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