What is the full form of CO?

CO Full Form is Corporación Ocasa

Full Form Category Term
Corporación Ocasa Organization CO
coronary occlusion British Medicine CO
Colonial Office Government CO
combined operations Government CO
Corporate Office Banking CO
Children's Olympia Medical CO
cytochrome oxidase British Medicine CO
Camp Oliver Organization CO
Canon Government Supplier CO
Corrections Officer Business Position CO
Cultural Options Organization CO
Check Out Physiology CO
Colombia Countries CO
Colorado State CO
convert out Government CO
command output Government CO
Current Offer Messaging CO
Clinica de Occidente Medical CO
Ceasefire Oregon Organization CO
collagen British Medicine CO
Change Over Transportation CO
County Genealogy CO
Chinese Orphans Organization CO
Certified Orthotist Business Position CO
Cutoff Space Science CO
Central Office Computer Networking CO
conscientious objector Government CO
Continental (Airlines) Business Firm CO
Circle Office Banking CO
Contractual Obligation Business CO
Controlling Office Banking CO
Customization Operator Job Title CO
Clockwork Orange Media CO
Change Order Education CO
Chamber Orchestra Music CO
Certified Operator Job Title CO
Colloidal Oligo Chemistry CO
cumulus oophorus British Medicine CO
cocaine British Medicine CO
Centro de Otorrinolarnigología Medical CO
Carbon Monoxide Transportation CO
coconut oil British Medicine CO
Castor Oil Misc CO
Central Operations Telecom CO
CSX Transportation Incorporated Regional Railroad CO
cyclooxygenase British Medicine CO
Commanding Officer Military CO
Christian Outreach Organization CO
Clean Out University CO
Coptic Orphans Organization CO
Contracting Officer Military CO
change order, 17 Government CO
Certificate of Origin Misc CO
care of supplies in storage Government CO
Correction Officer Other CO
close-open operation Government CO
Commissioned Officer FDA CO
Combat Government CO
cash order Government CO
Convenience Outlet Real Estate CO
Congregation for the Oriental Churches Organization CO
Cash Officer Banking CO
Comités Obreros Spanish CO
Checked Out Community CO
communications officer Government CO
Cobalt Physiology CO
chief operator Government CO
Crematory Operator Job Title CO
Choirs Ontario Organization CO
Company International Business CO
China Cord Blood Corporation NASDAQ Symbol CO
cholesterol oxidase British Medicine CO
Charge Off Accounting CO
Cargo Operations Directorate Space Science CO

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