What is the full form of CPL?

CPL Full Form is County Parent Liaison

Full Form Category Term
County Parent Liaison Education CPL
Combined Programming Language Other CPL
Current Flight Plan Transportation CPL
Centennial Park Lodge Medical CPL
Certified Professional Locksmith Business Position CPL
Current Privilege Level Computing CPL
Carolina Power & Light Company NYSE Symbol CPL
Call Processing Language Computer and Networking CPL
CPFL Energia S.A. NASDAQ Symbol CPL
Capillary Pump Loop Space Science CPL
Children's PressLine Organization CPL
Colour palette (Corel) File Extension CPL
Chaparral Airport Code CPL
Computer Players League Sports CPL
Cyberathlete Professional League Sports CPL
Cyclic Polylactate Chemistry CPL
Cloud Physics Lidar Physics Related CPL
Control Panel Extension (windows) File Type CPL
Cambridge Public Library Other CPL
programming language Other CPL
Conforming Products List Education CPL
Capability performance, lower Electronics CPL
Chemical Physics Letters Physics Related CPL
Communist Party Of Latvia Political CPL
Canine Partners for Life Non-Profit Organization CPL
Central Park Lodges Medical CPL
Common Pipeline Library Softwares CPL
Center for Public Leadership Other CPL
Certified Professional Landlord Business Position CPL
Cost Per Lead Accounts and Finance CPL
Cleaning, Pressing, and Laundering Business Position CPL
CHAKARLAPALLI Indian Railway Station CPL
Chicago Public Library Other CPL
Commercial Pilot Licence Transportation CPL
Characters Per Line Computer Hardware CPL
Cats Protection League Veterinary CPL
Cyberathlete Professionals League Sports CPL
Certified Professional Logistician Certifications CPL
Collection Programming Language File Extension CPL
Cyclic Poly Lactate Electronics CPL
Presentation (Compel) File Extension CPL
Certified Parts List Electronics CPL
Centro Psiquiátrico de la Laguna Medical CPL
County Palatine Limited Organization CPL
Couple Space Science CPL
Cleveland Public Library Library CPL
Corporal Military CPL
Cute Player's League Funny CPL
Cambridge Programming Language Computing CPL
Consejo Pontificio para los Laicos Spanish CPL

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