What is the full form of CRAP?

CRAP Full Form is Comedian Replacement Acquiring Proficiency

Full Form Category Term
Comedian Replacement Acquiring Proficiency Business Position CRAP
Cumnor Real Ale People Funny CRAP
Condoms Really Are Protection Funny CRAP
anything...another expression for the "s" word.”... I don't have to take ! Casual Expression CRAP
Customer Respected After Paying Funny CRAP
C Ready Application Project Softwares CRAP
Congo Relief Aid Project Non-Profit Organization CRAP
Coral Reef Assessment Program Ocean Science CRAP
Cheap Redundant Assorted Products International Business CRAP
Completely Redundant Array of Pointers Computing CRAP
Cleverly-rigged Accounting Principles Accounts and Finance CRAP
Canadians Rule At Plowing Funny CRAP
Crude Reagent and Products Chemistry CRAP
Certified Renegade American Product Funny CRAP
Cheese, Rice, And Potatoes Food CRAP
Computer Resources Acquisition Plan Military CRAP
Contrast Repetition Alignment Proximity Computing CRAP
Carnivorous Rabbits Attacking Police Funny CRAP
continuous positive airway pressure Physiology CRAP
Crawdads Rip Apart Paper Funny CRAP
Canadian Reform Alliance Party Political CRAP
Conrads Random Awesome Party Funny CRAP

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