What is the full form of CRI?

CRI Full Form is Color Rendition Index

Full Form Category Term
Color Rendition Index Electronics CRI
Carter's, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol CRI
Cardiac Recovery Index Laboratory CRI
Corner Reduced Integration Maths CRI
Crime Reduction Initiatives Organization CRI
Color Reversal Internegative Electronics CRI
Composers Recordings Inc Business Firm CRI
criterion-referenced instruction Government CRI
Capitol Resource Institute Business Firm CRI
Court Reporting Institute Non-Profit Organization CRI
Continuous Rate Of Infusion Laboratory CRI
Consolidated Rail Corporation Regional Railroad CRI
consolidated reparable inventory Government CRI
Child Recovery International Non-Profit Organization CRI
Crooked Island Airport Code CRI
color reproduction indices Government CRI
Compton Research, Inc. Business Firm CRI
Compatible Reformulated Input US Government CRI
Centro de Rehabilitación Integral para Ciegos del Area Urbana Guatemalan CRI
China Radio International Misc CRI
Congressional Record Index US Government CRI
Child Rights International Organization CRI
Cambridge Research Instrumentation Business Firm CRI
Cranial Rectal Insertion Physiology CRI
Cathode Ray Indicator Electronics CRI
Costa Rica Country ISO Code CRI
Canine Rhinotracheitis Infection Physiology CRI
Centre de Readaptation Intrvl Medical CRI
Cancer Research Institute Non-Profit Organization CRI
Composite Ranking Index Maths CRI
Christian Research Institute Religious CRI
Center For Research on Information Technology and Organization Government CRI
collective routing indicator Government CRI
Crooked Island, Bahamas Regional Airport Code CRI
Color Reversal Intermediate Media CRI
Chronic Renal Insufficiency Physiology CRI
Cranial Rhythmic Impulse Medical CRI
Christian Research Institute International Organization CRI
Community Residences, Inc. Organization CRI
Child Rescue International Non-Profit Organization CRI
Color Rendering Index Computing CRI

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