What is the full form of CV?

CV Full Form is Citizen Voice

Full Form Category Term
Citizen Voice Organization CV
Crypton Vocaloid Computer Technology CV
Cervical Vertebra Physiology CV
Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated Regional Railroad CV
Convertible Business CV
Flow Coefficient Physics CV
Clinique médico-chirurgicale de Valère Medical CV
Coding Violation Telecommunication CV
Microsoft Codeview Information Screen File Type CV
Curriculum Vitae French CV
Code Violation Computer and Networking CV
convulsion Medical CV
Combat Vehicle Transportation CV
Collateral Value Banking CV
Canaveral Expendable Vehicles Operations Directorate Space Science CV
Classified Ventures Military CV
Computer Virus Computing CV
Computer Video Acedemic & Science CV
Customer Value Business CV
Commissionable Volume Job Title CV
cryptographic variable Government CV
Clínica del Villar Medical CV
Cheer for Vietnam Organization CV
Christian Vision Organization CV
Capacitance-to-voltage Electronics CV
Chicken Vehicle Funny CV
Cardiovascular Physiology CV
Current Value Hospital CV
Campus Visit University CV
Corel Versions Archive File Type CV
Clínica de Vic Medical CV
Cost Variance Military CV
Constant Velocity Acedemic & Science CV
Critical Value Business CV
Crown Victoria Law CV
Composite Video Acedemic & Science CV
Coefficient Of Variation Mathematics CV
Complete Valuation Accounts and Finance CV
Calorific Value Food CV
Clinique Valmont Medical CV
vice commander Government CV
call volume Other CV
multipurpose aircraft carrier Government CV
Clinica Villaverde Medical CV
Control Voltage Electronics CV
Compressed Video Computer Hardware CV
Component Version Computer Software CV
aircraft carrier Government CV
command vehicle Government CV
coefficient of variation, 9 Government CV
Cross Validation Computer Software CV
Curriculumn Vitae Messaging CV
CAUVERY Indian Railway Station CV
Check Valve Space Science CV
Critical Vulnerability Military and Defence CV
Curricula Vitae University CV
Aircraft Carrier (cruiser, Heavier-than-air Aircraft) Military and Defence CV
Cape Verde Countries CV
Civic Ventures Organization CV
Code Veronica Law CV
Contribution Value Military and Defence CV
Campus Verlag Organization CV

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