What is the full form of dF?

dF Full Form is Derivative of F

Full Form Category Term
Derivative of F Maths dF
Dongfeng Missile Military and Defence DF
Desktop Files Computing DF
Day Fisher Sports DF
Devereux Foundation Organization DF
Data Frame Telecom DF
Defense Force Military DF
Deblocking Filter Computer and Networking DF
Democracy Foundation Organization DF
Direction Finder Meteorology DF
Delta Force Military DF
damage free Government DF
Discriminant Function Maths DF
Dear Fiance Internet Slang DF
Deana's Fund Organization DF
Desktop File Softwares DF
Dominican Foundation Organization DF
dose factor Government DF
data field Government DF
Diagnosi Funzionale Italian DF
Dummy Function Maths DF
don't fragment, 16 Government DF
Direct Feed Media DF
Dolly Foundation Organization DF
Dissipation Factor Hardware DF
Dickens Fellowship Organization DF
Data File Telecom DF
Direction Flag Computing DF
Dyspraxia Foundation Organization DF
Discount Factor Accounting DF
Display Full Softwares DF
Distributing Frame Telecom DF
Development Flight Space Science DF
Dyna Flat Computer Hardware DF
Duty Free US Government DF
Dispersion Factor Military and Defence DF
Dewdrop Foundation Organization DF
Data Compression Format (T.class2) Computer and Networking DF
Disk Freespace Computing DF
Doaba Foundation Organization DF
Dimuthu Foundation Organization DF
Defany Foundation Organization DF
Darya Foundation Organization DF
dietry fiber Misc DF
decontamination factor Government DF
Dhammakaya Foundation Organization DF
Defence Quota Indian Railways DF
Dorsiflexion Physiology DF
Deformation Front Earth Science DF
Dual Feed Media DF
double feeder Government DF
Don't Fragment Computer Assembly Language DF
defensive fire Government DF
Devereux Florida Medical DF
Dystonia Foundation Non-Profit Organization DF
Direction Finding Military DF
Disk Free Computer Hardware DF
decimal fraction Government DF
Dean Foods Other DF
Dean Foods Company NYSE Symbol DF
Dear Friend Internet Slang DF
Disassembly Facility Space Science DF
Diarrhea Formula Physiology DF
Deaconess Foundation Organization DF
Ddumba Foundation Organization DF
destination field Government DF
disk file Government DF
Durgma Foundation Organization DF
Ncsa Hierarchical Data File Bitmap Graphics File Type DF
deflection Government DF
Disposition Form Military DF
Deep Foundation Organization DF
Dream Foundation Non-Profit Organization DF
device flag Government DF
Disk Fragmentation Computing DF
Durfee Foundation Organization DF
Discussion Forum Internet Slang DF
Darkfield Electronics DF
Dark Forces Military DF
double flag Government DF
Dry Flowable Chemistry DF
Display Function Space Science DF
Disk Format Computing DF
Dodurga Fault Earth Science DF
Double Fronted Real Estate DF
Doli Foundation Organization DF
Distrito Federal Regional DF
Development Forward Space Science DF

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