What is the full form of DIS?

DIS Full Form is Died In Shame

Full Form Category Term
Died In Shame United Nations DIS
Distributed Interactive Simulation Military DIS
Direct Immediate And Specific Law DIS
disabled-in-service Government DIS
Thesaurus (CorelDraw) File Extension DIS
disability British Medicine DIS
Delayed Itch Syndrome Physiology DIS
Defense Intelligence Service Government DIS
Defense Investigative Service Military DIS
Designing Interactive Systems University DIS
Deeply Integrated Systems Computer Networking DIS
digital integration system Government DIS
Draft International Standard Computing DIS
Dummy In Style Texting DIS
Decision Information Sciences Academic Degree DIS
Donkeys In Strategy Funny DIS
Walt Disney Company NYSE Symbol DIS
Digital Identification Signal Computer and Networking DIS
distributed intelligence system Government DIS
Walt Disney Company (The) NASDAQ Symbol DIS
Desktop Infrastructure Services Computer Networking DIS
Defense Intelligence School Government DIS
Diploma in Investment Studies Educational Degree in Commerce DIS
DoD Investigative Service, 11 Government DIS
Dolisie airport Regional Airport Code DIS
Loubomo, Congo Regional Airport Code DIS
Loubomo Airport Code DIS
Dirección de Sistemas Spanish DIS
Disagree Space Science DIS
To show disrespect...Some people get really upset when you dis them. Casual Expression DIS
Director of Installation Support Military DIS
Distribution list (VAX Mail) File Extension DIS
Documentation Index System Space Science DIS
digital imaging system Government DIS
Defence Intelligence Staff Other DIS
Disease Physiology DIS
Loubomo airport Regional Airport Code DIS
Daily Intelligence Summary Military DIS
Doctor of Intercultural Studies Educational Degree DIS
dynamic impedance stabilization Government DIS
Defense Information System Military DIS
Draft International Standard (ISO) Computer and Networking DIS
Disabled Physiology DIS

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