What is the full form of DISC?

DISC Full Form is Defense Industrial Supply Center

Full Form Category Term
Defense Industrial Supply Center Government DISC
disconnect switch Government DISC
Developing Initiatives for Support in the Community Organization DISC
Digital Interactive Sports Card Hobby DISC
Discounted Accounts and Finance DISC
Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness Misc DISC
Discharge Physiology DISC
Decision Information System For Citrus Business DISC
Digital Information Service For Computerfreaks Business Firm DISC
Demonstrators For Integrated Ship Control Military DISC
Drop In Study Centre University DISC
disconnect command Government DISC
Discrete Space Science DISC
Developing In Service Course Military DISC
Domestic International Sales Corporation Accounting DISC
Domain for Innovative Software Content Softwares DISC
Digital Information Science And Communication Academic Degree DISC
Domestic Industrial Sales Corporation International Business DISC
Director of Information Systems Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Government DISC
Data Information Systems And Communications Computer Networking DISC
Discone Space Science DISC
Dominance Influence Steadiness And Compliance Business DISC
Development & Institutionalization Support Center Organization DISC
Defense Industrial Support Center, 5 Government DISC
Disconnect Space Science DISC
Diversity Incorporating Safer Communities Police DISC
Directory Of International Studios And Control Business Firm DISC

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