What is the full form of DMF?

DMF Full Form is Data Models and Formats

Full Form Category Term
Data Models and Formats Database Management DMF
Dimethyl Formamide Chemistry DMF
Dead Man Floating Funny DMF
Drug Master File Laboratory DMF
Dreyfus Municipal Income, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol DMF
Declarative Management Framework Business Management DMF
Decayed Missing Or Filled Law DMF
Distributed Monitoring Facility Networking DMF
Decayed, Missing, Filled Physics Related DMF
Dr. Mohiuddin Foundation Organization DMF
Dual Mass Flywheel Physics Related DMF
Dutch Marine Force Military DMF
Don Mills Foundation Organization DMF
Distribution Media Format Computing DMF
Dunnville Music Festival Media DMF
Distributed Messaging Fabric Telecommunication DMF
DUMERTA Indian Railway Station DMF
Decayed, Missing, of Filled Chemistry DMF
Delusion Digital Music File - Music format File Extension DMF

What is DMF?

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