What is the full form of DND?

DND Full Form is Dundee airport

Full Form Category Term
Dundee airport Regional Airport Code DND
Dynamic Network Design Computer Networking DND
Do Not Draft Military DND
DANDUPUR Indian Railway Station DND
Die A Natural Death US Government DND
Department of National Defense Other DND
Detailed Neighborhood Design Community DND
Drag-and-Drop Information Technology DND
Diurnal Nomad Dwarfers Science Fiction DND
Dundee Airport Code DND
Department of National Defence Military DND
Do Not Duplicate Military DND
DND's Not Dunes Computer Software DND
Dave N Dan radio show Media DND
Death N Destruction (punk rock group) Music DND
Drag N Drop Computing DND
Died a Natural Death Physiology DND
Dundee, Scotland, UK Regional Airport Code DND
Do Not Disturb SMS DND
Dungeons and Dragons Gaming DND
Do Not Duplicate (coupons) Messaging DND
Do Not Delete Computing DND

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