What is the full form of DSD?

DSD Full Form is Duales System Deutschland

Full Form Category Term
Duales System Deutschland Business Firm DSD
Discharge summary dictated Physiology DSD
Double Single Double Sports DSD
La Desirade Airport Code DSD
Digital Sports Daily Sports DSD
digital system design Government DSD
Davis School District Other DSD
Data Systems Design Computing DSD
Datashaper Database File File Type DSD
Distributed Software Development Softwares DSD
Database (DataShaper) File Extension DSD
Dynamic Status Display Electronics DSD
Defence Signals Directorate Military DSD
DOSVADA Indian Railway Station DSD
Document Structure Description Networking DSD
Dirty Stinking Ditch Military and Defence DSD
Dayton Superior Corporation NYSE Symbol DSD
Die Satan Die Military DSD
Direct-stream Digital Electronics DSD
Digital Super Detail Softwares DSD
La Desirade, French Antilles Regional Airport Code DSD
Drawing Set Description Softwares DSD
Dry Sterile Dressing Physiology DSD
data system designator Government DSD
Dancers Stay Dancers Internet DSD
Duplicate Scheduling with Deadlines Business DSD
Direct Store Delivery Business DSD
Direct Stream Digital Computing DSD
Dress for Success Dallas Organization DSD
Delimited Separated Data Database Management DSD
Delimiter Separated Data Computing DSD
Deep Sea Diver Business Position DSD
Desirade airport Regional Airport Code DSD
Double-sided Disk Computer Hardware DSD
defense support division Government DSD

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