What is the full form of DTP?

DTP Full Form is Detailed Test Plan

Full Form Category Term
Detailed Test Plan Military DTP
Does This Play? Funny DTP
Does This Play Funny DTP
Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Physiology DTP
Diameter true position Electronics DTP
Publication (PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3) File Extension DTP
Distal tingling on percussion (Tinel's sign) Physiology DTP
Distribute Training Packages Military DTP
Design Technology Program Technology DTP
Dynamic Trunking Protocol Computer Networking DTP
Desktop Other DTP
Diphtheria Tetanus And Pertussis Physiology DTP
Desktop Publishing Media DTP
Desk Top Publishing Media DTP
Data Transfer Process Computing DTP
directory tape processor Government DTP
distributed transaction process Government DTP
DIVITI PALLI Indian Railway Station DTP
Desktop Printer Computer Hardware DTP
detailed planning Government DTP
Diphtheria Tetanus And Polio Regional Railroad DTP
Detail Test Plan Space Science DTP
Desk Top Printing Computing DTP
Pagemagic, Publish-it!, Or Publisher3 Publication File File Type DTP
Diplomacy Training Program Organization DTP

What is DTP?

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